Economic Justice

        Take a trip through Norwalk, and you’ll see lots of signs that business is booming. New apartments. Retail construction. That’s not a bad thing. I’m proud that Norwalk is growing, at a time when many towns in Connecticut are struggling to grow. But I also want to make sure that we don’t lose who we are. That we don’t lose what makes Norwalk Norwalk.

       Too many folks, especially in the 140th District, have not felt the effects of the so-called economic recovery. We need growth that makes a real difference in people’s lives, not just on paper. 

        As our State Representative, I intend to work closely with my colleagues in Hartford and here in Norwalk to make sure that public development projects don’t privilege a select few when it comes to economic benefits. I will do everything to support access to affordable healthcare, so that getting sick doesn’t mean going broke. And I want to work on legislative ways to help Norwalk find other sources of revenue, so we can avoid squeezing our residents with property taxes.

        Diversity is what makes Norwalk great. The history and culture embodied by the folks who’ve lived here for decades—and by the folks we’ve welcomed more recently—make us strong. Each and every voice here needs to be heard. And we are stronger when we join our voices around a common cause. Hartford cannot ignore us when we unite as one. As our State Representative, I intend to make sure that Norwalk remains a welcoming—and affordable—place to live. For ALL of us