“Through his work as a leader and organizer in his community, as well as his volunteer service to the city of Norwalk, Colin has shown that he has what it takes to make an exceptional State Representative. Colin is a smart, creative, independent thinker, who will put Democratic values first in representing the people of the 140th district.”

—Harry Rilling

Mayor of Norwalk

“Colin Hosten has grown to be a great asset for Norwalk. As a college teacher and community association president he provides a kind of leadership that has too often been lacking in the 140th District. I expect that his energy and initiative will offer a real surprise to the party bigwigs in Hartford when he gets there.”

—Bill Collins

Former Mayor of Norwalk

Former State Representative of the 140th District

"Colin Hosten is dedicated, energetic, thoughtful, and collaborative. I've enjoyed an open and honest dialogue with him, and I know I'll be able to relay my constituent issues to him and have them addressed appropriately at the state level"

-- Chris Yerinides

Norwalk Common Councilmember, District A

"I don't think anyone has been campaigning harder in this race. We need more of that energy and dedication in Hartford. We need a Democrat who will do the work."

--Eloisa Melendez

Norwalk Common Councilmember, District A