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Meet Colin

Colin has been a lecturer in the undergraduate Core Writing program at Fairfield University for several years. He currently serves as a member of the Human Relations Commission for the city of Norwalk, helping to oversee and investigate complaints of discrimination with regard to housing, public accommodations, and employment. He is also a board member of the Triangle Community Center, which offers life-saving support to vulnerable young people in and around Norwalk. 

Colin has worked at the grassroots level in Norwalk for ten years as a community leader. He’s pushed for more stop signs around heavily trafficked areas near local schools. He’s fought for greater controls and oversight of industrial pollution in South Norwalk. He helped with the effort to get the Norwalk Tree Alliance to donate and plant more trees in South Norwalk along Woodward Ave. He’s also been an active member of the Coalition of Norwalk Neighborhood Associations. 

Now Colin is ready to be our advocate in Hartford, on issues such as the rising cost of living, quality public education, affordable healthcare, environmental responsibility, and civil rights equality, which are all sometimes too readily reduced into media soundbites. These are not easy narratives to break down. For decades we've been sold the common wisdom that investing in public projects somehow comes at the expense of what conservatives like to call fiscal responsibility. Our job as Democrats is to help people to see the truth. It's not easy. But that is exactly what drives Colin to run.

As a ten-year resident of Norwalk, Colin knows it is vital to have a State Representative who embraces the rich diversity we enjoy here, and never takes it for granted. South Norwalk, in particular, has such amazing history and culture. The iconic architecture in Golden Hill. The Maritime Aquarium. Village Creek as a pioneer in racial and religious integration. The sacred traditions of worship that bring so many people together in our communities.

The son of public servants, Colin will continue to be an effective partner at the State and Municipal levels to do what’s best for Norwalk, and for Connecticut. His parents were career teachers in Trinidad, who taught him to value and respect strong public service, and quality public education. Because of their guidance and support, Colin was able to attend Morehouse College on a scholarship. As a naturalized American, Colin knows what’s like to chase that elusive American dream, and feel left out. 

But he also sees unlimited potential in Norwalk.

Making any progress is going to take collaboration between state and city leaders, and, most importantly, with everyone in our community. As an educator himself, Colin spends his days making sure everyone is on the same page. That’s what being a State Representative entails. Colin has already reached out to hundreds of voters. Many of you have contributed to the campaign. If you haven’t connected with Colin yet, feel free to reach out to him. He is ready to be our public servant. And he will never take that for granted.

Mayor Harry Rilling has called Colin, “a smart, creative, independent thinker,” who “has what it takes to be an exceptional State Representative.” Though he wasn’t born here in Norwalk, Colin chose to make Norwalk his home. And he’s grateful every day that he did.  As our representative, Colin intends to make sure that Norwalk remains a welcoming and affordable place to live for ALL of us.

We hope you will join the campaign and learn more about why Colin is the right choice for the 140th district.